Our Origins

Intuitive Awareness 

There is a Language indigenous to us all. Intuition. When we are aware and in tune with Intuition it becomes communication. Intuition is not solid, it is malleable and flowing, it contains wisdom without manipulation.

This Mystical Wisdom is a Co-Intelligence belonging equally to Horse and Human. Nature has mastered this Language, it is timeless and true. As sensory beings, Horses excel in this approach to communication, if we are wise we will join together in using Intuitive Awareness as Language to synchronize a life together.

"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why." Albert Einstein, Physicist

Our Truth


When we first meet our Horse we make unspoken but meaningful Agreements. What we need from each other, what we will give to each other and what we need to overcome, forgive or create through these Agreements. We must be honestly present with ourselves and the Horse before us… we must be willing to meet on neutral ground. This is an Invitation to Trust and Transform.

Our Agreements lead us Between the World of Horse and Human, here, we have the opportunity to transform our fears and surrender our judgments. We become suspended in Possibility. We are most successful when we surrender our agenda and align with present intention before we proceed with our task at hand. When we honor our Agreements we are best able to achieve our goals and desires, without damage to the relationship.

Our Process


Rituals acknowledge that a Change is taking place. They help to Synergize the mental with the physical... the Soul and the Tangible. Rituals remind of us of what is Sacred. They help us quiet the mind of communication and let the act of Ritual speak through ceremony; while doing a Ritual we are Mindful.

The action of Rituals help us to be more conscious of an Intention or Agreement, the Significance of a Passage or a Promise. In Ritual we use Symbols to Honor what we Value and Love or as a representation of our Aspirations.

The ancients lived lives of Rituals, both earthy and ethereal, they are innate within our psyche. Rituals are Prayers, they are Dreams, they are an outward confirmation to our Desires and Commitments.


Delaya Diana