The Art of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary. The ancient practice of Alchemy was the study of turning base metals into gold, primarily turning lead into gold. Modern science has mastered this process; however, it is far more costly and time consuming to transform the metal than it is to harvest gold itself. I used to think of Alchemy as an instantaneous magical solution, it is not, it took a while for me to understand that Alchemy is a process. Extracting gold from its carrier, or purifying gold nuggets, is a process. This process uses heat to cause the gold to become softer and more malleable, it is not purified through force. The heat literally seduces the gold into a pliable form.

Humans and Horses connecting is a unique opportunity to practice Alchemy. As we evolve in our understanding of relationship between Horse and Human, we experience so many ways to change how we relate, train, heal, transform and co-exist together. If we practice the Art of Alchemy in our interaction with them, we receive great benefit for ourselves because we learn how to ‘Warm to our own Wealth’ in order to deepen our experience with them. By warming to the golden wisdom within our self, we can apply the same process to draw out the golden potential within our Horse.

By embracing Alchemy as a process, we let go of the need for quick results and instead fall in love with the process of warming to our own capabilities. We all have within us golden potential, unfortunately many of us have been taught that the only way to become better and improve is through diligence and struggle, or punishment for our shortcomings, and often we have been taught to force or discipline our Horses into correct behavior and performance.

While there must be a form of order so that we are both safe, if we look for ways to incorporate warm seduction towards our golden possibility perhaps, we can persuade this inner wealth of opportunity to surrender to malleability and our relationships and performance will manifest with greater luster.

Alchemy teaches us to thrive in the process itself, to understand the necessity of staying warm to our inner wealth of possibility. To see all transformation as miraculous and to understand the necessity of supple strength. Alchemy is greater than the sum of individual efforts, it delivers the willing concert of Horse and Human to bring out the wealth and beauty of a golden life together.

The Invitation
Choose one thing, one challenge or one area that you and your Horse struggle with. Let go of your history with this issue, challenges of the past do not apply from here on. Instead, consciously warm to a success or talent that is good between you, and as you focus on the delight of that success, ask quietly for a small step forward with the thing that you would like to achieve. Gold is not removed from its carrier with force, hacking away with force only breaks the gold into small broken fragments, warming the gold causes it to surrender and yield itself into another form. Do not destroy the gold within yourself or your horse through force, love it, warm to it so that it will willingly take the form needed to progress in your lives together.

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