Allegory of Horse and Human

Allegory of Horse and Human

Once upon a dream Horse yearned for a Human. This Human would be kind, intuitive, strong and have a Soul as big as the Heavens. And Horse would bind itself with this Glorious Human, and together they would Create great Beauty. They would change landscapes, they would Dance great feats of Celebration with grand displays of Harmonious Movement. But then the Human wanted more. More power, more control, more speed. And Human turned from the Horse and to the Human, Horse became insignificant… disposable.. lost.
But then… once again there was a dream… a Human yearned for a Horse. A Horse that would be kind, intuitive, strong and have a Soul as big as the Heavens. Human would bind itself with this Glorious Horse and together they would create great Beauty. They would make amends for the wrongs imposed on the great creature Horse. They would speak with Soulful Wisdom, together they would bring Healing and they would make beautiful Music and Dance. This time they held a Twin Vision; and together this Desire was as big as the Heavens. And a Holy Agreement was made. They would make tangible prayers together with Ritual, they would soften and blend together to craft a new work and they would use Alchemy to refine their strengths and their language. They would use their learning as Art. And with this Twin Vision Horse and Human together would contribute Healing and Beauty from the Heavens back into the World.

October 22, 2018


My newest Mare, Enchantress, is a rare opportunity. Very well bred, but sadly fell into hard times when her breeder/owner had some mental health issues and due to lack of care Animal Control took the entire herd of 22 Arabians; 18 mares and 4 stallions. A woman that recognized their worth and potential took them to keep them from being destroyed, only a couple of the horses had any training at all and many of them had not even been haltered.

After I lost my gelding, Eli, to founder I needed to be anywhere but at the barn where I had spent countless hours trying to stop the founder, stop the pain and stop what could ultimately be the end for my glorious naughty beast in the prime of his life, just 14 years old. After three and a half months we lost that tenacious fight and he surrendered to a life beyond the vail where suffering is unknown. I needed a distraction, so I contacted a few rescues to donate some time and offer help for a while. This rescue was the only one that had replied so I took my battered, broken heart and grieving soul there to see how I could help, it was my coping strategy to avoid the barn of a suffering horse no longer there.

At the rescue we walked through a pasture with 8 -10 mares, all nice mares, friendly, following us around, curious as to these newcomers wondering through the herd. They were lovely mares with impeccable breeding and though they had been neglected, fortunately they had not been abused. As we headed to the back pasture with another 7 or 8 mares I saw just the head and neck of a bay mare that did a bizarre (and not desirable) behavior. She threw her head straight up, paused, and then rocked it back another 5 -6 inches behind her poll, and then lowered her head. I immediately zoned in on her. In reflection, at that moment, time stood still, and we made an Agreement.  She wanted a chance to be great, I needed her to keep me safe, I promised to do what I could to provide her every opportunity to shine, she committed to keep me safe.

As we got closer I could see she was beautiful, rich bay in color with socks a blaze and lovely conformation, so I asked to see her in the arena. She was herd bound, never had she been without them, but as she trotted back and forth in the arena she passed close enough to almost brush me, needing the security of her herd but maintaining contact with me. The Agreement was sealed.

Chant is most brave and dreams of a life with many accomplishments. Though her former life left her abandoned and neglected, she knows she is worth more, she does not define herself as a ‘rescue’ and she is determined to be a ‘proper’ horse. Have proper care, education, respect and a chance to become her greatest self. The rescue was incorrect about her age, she was sold as a 6 to 7-year-old but after researching her Sire and his breeding program, turns out she was almost 10, so to her, life is passing her by. She knows this, and she is very present, very aware that there is much to learn and do, things to experience in order to accomplish her desires. She shows up in every interaction with me, sometimes with bold anticipation, sometimes with nerves on edge as some experiences asks’ a lot from a horse with no former training or exposure, but she holds herself together for she knows this is her chance. Her time to shine… and she is ready.

She is determined to not miss her own life. She knows this innately and she is committed to its fulfillment whereas I have studied self-awareness and Spirituality for over 30 years and my evolution to fulfill my purpose pales in comparison to her. As Human, the cares and chaos of life often override the pulse of a passionate life that burns within me, and I find myself overruled by the mundane of paychecks, responsibility and accountability. Through the anticipation, determination and self-assurance of this horse perhaps I can recall the bold desire and private dreams that once kept me company and I will begin to see every opportunity that life brings to my door. And I will not see myself as my shortcomings or the struggles life has dealt me, instead I will live with bold awareness, and, just as Enchantress, I will innately become the fulfillment of desires in my own life.



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  1. A wonderful piece of art you are creating. I enjoy your passion for the horse and it is expressed so well in your writing. Keep it up, I will check back periodically to see how things are progressing.


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