Do What Matters

Life is busy. It’s so easy to live a ‘too busy’ life. If we are not mindful, drama, drivel and illusions will fill our days. And at the end of the day… we have neglected what mattered. Misplaced priorities and external distractions can appear large and urgent, yet at the end of the day, they were not important to a life well lived. Modern society has introduced a myriad of ways to busy ourselves with diversions, a plethora of stores and entertainments surround us in our environment and through the electronics always within arm’s reach. Often the seduction of social media takes priority over intimate settings and tangible connections deceiving us into thinking we have boundless friends and community, when it sometimes just dilutes the quality of our actual relationships.

Concerning the time spent with your Horse, was it meaningful or was it compromised? Was it inspiring or was it mundane? Was it heartfelt or sterile? Did you really see your Horse, hear your Horse? Did you reveal yourself as present and connected and available to your Horse?  Did you tune in enough to notice if your Horse had something specific to convey?

 Horse people groom often. There is grooming a Horse for riding, or competition and then there is grooming a Horse to reconnect. We can find much needed balance and restoration through touch and energetic intimacy. The gift of mindfulness while grooming a Horse can be therapy that soothes an overburdened mind, a body that has over committed itself or a Spirit that has taken a back seat one time to many.

As others, I too get distracted by busyness and try to accomplish too many things with my Horses in too little time. However, I have learned, that sometimes there is greater benefit when I forgo the ride or the exercise and spend time connecting through grooming or a long hand walk. Or, I refuse an outing with friends or family so that I can go for a quiet connected ride with my Horse because I need the conversation that gratifies my commitment of having a Horse.

Grooming, riding, hand walking or sitting in their presence while they eat or doze are Rituals that must be honored. When we refrain from of the daily distractions and consciously do what matters with our Horse, we receive great benefit. These times of re-connect inspire us and our Horse, they solidify our relationship and our understanding of each other. We become more open and forgiving because, at least for a while, we have released the demands of a too busy schedule in favor of a quiet communion that soothes body and Soul.

The Invitation

Pick a time, at least an hour, and find a way to be fully present and quiet with your Horse. No demands, no distractions, no judgments or assumptions. Sync with their breathing, allow the mystic of silent conversation between you. It can be interesting to make a journal to record information during these times. Notice if these experiences carry over to your regular routine. Consider how they affect you as well as your Horse. Were you able to detach from the busyness? Are you more at peace when you leave? Are you inspired? Have you sensed a shift in connection with your Horse? If we are too busy to spend time with our Horse without constant demands and schedules; we must accept that we are too busy to have a Horse and take responsible action to resolve the situation.

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