Far Rider

In the (not so true story) movie Hidalgo, the Indian Chief refers to Frank Hopkins as Far Rider, naturally we would assume it is because he rides distance. But then the Chief explains, we call you Far Rider because you ride far from yourself. There is great insight in this statement. We all have within us a purpose, a reason for this life journey, but for many of us, while we manage to live near our own life, we live instead a ‘parallel’ life that keeps company with all the things we are about but not actually living the real life.

We study them, talk about them, dream about them, journal about them, form communities that support the same ideas and agreements congruent with our real life but still live estranged from the actual life. Preferring instead to view our possibility from afar and grooming it endlessly instead of releasing it in its state of potential.

Horses do this too. Only we don’t see it as living parallel to their true self, we see it as resistance, fear, avoidance, anxiety or just being vacant, the saddest symptom of all. So, if we know this about a horse in our care, how do we help them life the life they came to live?  Are they avoiding the life they came to live or have they not been given the chance? How do we put aside our preconceived ideas and desires that we have for them? How do we let go of our dreams and ambition for our life together and clearly see the common and best path that unifies us as horse and human?

We go back to our Agreement with them.

Perhaps it is within that very Agreement that we also find the Soulution to the return to our own Authentic life. Return to our own Soul Agreement this lifetime. Being present with a Horse that is estranged from its own indigenous calling will require that we be present with our own calling. At that moment our call is to Hold the Space for the Horse before us. That action alone will require that we hold closely our own heart; it requires presence, mindfulness and honesty. Holding the Space simply means we allow time to process the steps needed to commit or make changes, we have a safe space to face our fears or safely reveal our Brilliance, or our private dreams and emotions. The attributes that require our support in our Quest to be preset with the Horse before us are the same attributes that bring us present to our own life. Here, we both win.

Until next time, Vibe with your Tribe,


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