Intuitive Knowing

We all have a deep knowing inside us. Often it is dismissed because we are not trained to listen, or to recognize it, never mind validate it. We tend to think that an idea or ‘knowing’ that stirs within our inner being is not valid because it has not been endorsed by a professional or popular opinion.  Sometimes it takes practice to decipher the message and the gift contained in this knowing and to commit to validating its truth and importance. As ‘Horse People’ we want the best for our Horses, this is often the push we feel to expand our life and dance with possibilities beyond our current inventory that is consciously learned.

Within all of the information we have gathered and applied, there is creative wisdom indigenous in us specifically. It was born from our desire to serve and inspire our relationship with our Horse. Our Horse sees this within us and is eager to assist in our unveiling of this intimate genius. Undisputedly education is necessary, innate knowing is equally necessary.

Trust that you know more than you have learned. Inspired wisdom offers insight we cannot learn. It is what comes to honest open hearts that yearn to share words in an unspoken language. If we are aware and connected, we will recognize that our Horse is there to help us reveal and apply this acumen. It is the same when we tune in to our Horse and provide them an audience to safely expose a vision they hold.

There is much to be experienced through authentic knowing. Intuitive wisdom does not replace education, but it does add to it, it does deepen understanding and connection. If it seems that you ‘hear’, ‘feel’, or ‘know’ there is a question or request from your Horse, trust that there is. It does not have to be proven publicly or popular, in order for you to believe that it is real, it is real because it belongs to you, and your Horse as asked to participate in this conversation.

The Invitation

Remember times when you felt an inner urge to explore an intuitive hit, perhaps you dismissed it as nothing. Perhaps it was something. The language between Human and Horse is not usually loud, it is whispers within us, something that tugs at our attention. Notice words or feelings that appear when you consciously go inside and ask for information with your Horse. Trust they are real, practice paying attention and this skill of intuitive awareness will become stronger.

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