Ride to Know

Joan Didion wrote; ‘I write to know what I think’. As a writer, I agree. As a Rider, I find that sometimes I ride to know what I feel, what I need to know. As a HorseWoman that is not a competitor, I find that most of my rides come from my need to reconnect to my own internal wild nature. On occasion I have a plan for mileage, speed or rhythm, but often those plans fall aside as I feel the pull to become the Centaur overtake the agenda of Human aspirations.  Riding helps to take me out of my head and communicate with my body, my senses… my organic origins before I became dominated by thought.

While riding, especially when I ride alone, I face questions that require that I return to my Soul Home. The Internal Temple of Mystical Enchantment where Horse and Human join in willing concert to sing the silent language of interspecies collaboration. Here, I am lost in the Mystery of this glorious liberty. Even after these many years I am still in awe that I am so fortunate to have this experience of solidarity with a Horse. That I have a Horse. I have never been without the desire to be with a Horse, perhaps its because it is linked to my desire to spend more time in the Internal Temple and the Horse is a sure ride to that Holy place.

I ride to know. When I need to know if I am being stubborn or contentious about lifes’ choices or challenges. When I need to know if I am wavering or if I am sane and solid in my own particular convictions. When I need endorsement that while my life may look different from expected norms, it is a life I chose and despite the challenges of a road less traveled, it is my road. I ride to know myself deeper, because my Horse will ask me if I am tolerant of her innate instincts, or if I am quick to blame and correct. Who will I be and what will I choose in this test of honor? Riding my Horse is a way to learn these answers. It is a way to know myself at my best, and to cringe when I realize I have revealed my worse.

I ride to know my Horse better. To observe the experience they are having in our journey together. I want to know if they are growing bolder and stronger? Are they driven to understand our language of touch and intuitive awareness as I am? Are they ready for more than I am? Do they feel like I hear their questions or concerns about what I ask of them, or input they feel valuable?

Having a Horse or riding a Horse is an experience rich with information, about our Horse and about ourselves. When riding with mindful awareness we have the opportunity to expand our consciousness, our learning and our enjoyment of this alliance between Horse and Human.

The Invitation

Dedicate a time to ride, groom or hand walk with your horse, quietly and alone. Choose a question or an idea to hold in your mind as you spend this time alone, discourage all distractions. Notice any and all thoughts or sensations that appear. Are you inspired? Resistant? Fearful or Convinced? This focus on Intuitive awareness provides answers or options that can bypass overthinking and offer us Soulutions free from the pressure demanded from thought alone. Journal or meditate on the information, notice patterns or consistencies. Experiment with journaling and meditating in the company of your Horse.

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