Sacred Space, Finding Self

Joseph Campbell wrote: “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”

Horses are my Sacred Space. I am intrinsically drawn to spend time with them, to just be in their presence. I sometimes just sit with them while they eat, listening to the munching, blowing and breathing, here I feel the fragmented parts of myself reunite and remember wholeness.

Riding or working with my Horses is not always easy, or a triumph, sometimes we do not align, and I feel the disconnect and disappointment when we struggle to find balance and harmony during this time. But, returning to the ‘Sacred Space between the Worlds of Horses and Humans’ is where I find the Soulution.

I am a big believer in hand walking and hand grazing my horses. I sometimes trailer them just so that they can graze somewhere different and we can just be together. Sometimes I spend an hour just brushing them in silence, a silence that carries the unspoken language known only between us. This is Sacred Space, here I remember who I am and I remember that I am not only what my external world suggests that I am.

Finding Sacred Space is essential to our wellbeing because we live in a world of diversions and distractions where appearances seem to triumph over balance and authenticity. Where outward accomplishments seem to tower over our internal potency that has the power to make lasting changes for a life well lived.

Life is often too busy and disconnected it is easy to get off track, to lose site of what really matters. Connecting regularly with our Sacred Space is a way to find ourselves over and over again. The more we find ourselves the more we gain grounding and insight, and the greater opportunity we have to increase our potential as Sacred Humans.

The Invitation

Set aside time twice a week to spend quiet time with your Horse. Hand walk or quietly groom for at least 30 minutes, turn off your phone, turn off your thoughts and listen for the silent conversation. Entertain the idea that your Horse considers this time spend with you as Sacred Space.

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