I work with Heart Conscious EQUESTRIANS, those who believe in Soul connection with their Horse. I teach them to experience the relationship with their Horse as a Quest that explores mystical wisdom between the worlds of Horse and Human. This is a Soul Quest, a heart conscious and illuminating journey to greater insight and purpose in the relationship.

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The Equestrian Camino

Service Creed


For those of us with Horse Fire in our blood, we experience the Horse as our Soul Song, our Compass that brings us back to our Soul Home. 

It is within the Soul Home that we conspire with the Spiritual Synergy between Horses and Humans to keep us in Balance... in our lives, in our loving, our work, alone, with others and with our Horses. This alliance requires dedication, it requires patience, we must be malleable and resilient, open minded, openhearted, and Trust in what we have not yet experienced. 

We must learn to ask the right questions, abandon teachings that no longer apply, risk appearing foolish, risk wild success, embrace constant change and hold fast to things Holy. 

These answers come from within and from study. The Artistry of Horses explores the answers to questions that reveal the Mystery, the Joy and the Wisdom  of Soulful Connection. 

How do we know why we have this Horse?      What does this Horse need from me?           Do we have a common desire?     Is this Relationship casual or do we have a purpose to accomplish?   Where do I start to make change? How do I know this is real? Does this horse understand our Soulful interface? This Horse and I, how far can we go?

  • Start by knowing your Agreements with your Horse and your Horses Agreements with you.
  • Use Rituals to solidify your Agreements and your Intentions. 
  • Practice Intuitive Awareness as language with your Horse. 
  • Find a Tribe of like minded People that participate in this Philosophy. 
  • Delight in the journey of Spiritual Synergy Between Horses and Humans. 

The Quest