In Naked Liberty, Carolyn Resnick writes, ‘Horses are the gatekeepers to a humans’ higher self.’ I find this to be true and the more I Explore this experience I find there is more to learn and more opportunity to expand my own inner landscape.

We are taught to see the Whole of ourselves as Body, Mind and Spirit and when I view my Horse from this perspective, I see much more than a Horse. I see an individual that is, brave and vulnerable, one that desires depth, love and security as much as any Human.  Despite the many differences between us I see a mirror image of Souls. This broader vision is a doorway, an invitation to live and love Between the Worlds of Horse and Human. A corridor that compels us to evoke a common language between the Soul and the Tangible, a place to bridge the gap between Dreams and Manifestation.

Wholeness is defined as: ‘containing all the elements properly belonging; complete: undivided; in one piece’ This requires knowing yourself. If you do not know yourself then you will not know where you have lost contact, which part of you is in pieces and needs restoration. Horses are the same, though they may not analyze with words, their intuition and emotions know when there is disconnect. Perhaps we can help them re-member themselves as Whole if we go through the dance together. As we endeavor to help them find equilibrium, we can examine our own Trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit and re-member our Wholeness as well. When we are Whole together, like the Centaur we are one being, we are perfectly Whole. 

The Invitation:

This week I invite you check in with your Horse(s), energetically or intuitively scan your Horse. Start with the Mind, by this I am referring to the overall state of Mind in conjunction with the Horses general wellbeing; its emotional attitude.

Move on to the Body, look for the expression of energy about its body, its willingness to remain solid as you scan. Does it stand square before you or does it move away or flinch in places as you approach that area?

Now the Spirit. ‘See’ your Horse in its entirety, its Soul Presence, its reason for Being this lifetime. Feel its HorseFire, by acknowledging its presence and purpose the Spirit is more easily revealed.

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