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We are not our story of mistakes and shortcomings. Unless we make it so. We are not the story of our dreams and potential. Unless we make it so. As humans we have evidence of our mistakes and we have innate evidence of our potential. We experience our life based on the story we tell about these things, our mistakes or our potential.

My grey mare Mystic was a rescue that I adopted 15 years ago. She was approximately 5 years old, half wild, potbellied, shaggy, a dip in her neck at the withers, very elusive and her mane mostly dreadlocks from being set aside in favor of horses more attractive or interactive. I started her myself and she was very responsive and easily adapted to learning to ride. She is highly sensitive and when she was insecure or uncertain her defense was to raise her head, drop her back and try harder and faster with her body inverted, desperate to please and get it right.

At that time finances were limited, and I had had very little training, most of my learning was from reading and trying to apply information as best I could. I knew she would invert, but I did not know how to help her correct it properly. Her tendency to invert would increase with pressure, usually her own pressure from insecurity. I have received a lot of criticism and judgment about her being over-developed on the underside of her neck and a little dipped at her withers. It was painful and embarrassing for me because I love my horse and do not want her to suffer physically or at the opinion of others. I want them to see all that she is, not this one thing that she is not. Many of these opinions from people spending countless dollars and hours of training on horses that were far less accomplished on the trail than Mystic.

It took a while to commit to upholding my perspective about this horse that I adored, and others criticized. She is a fabulous trail horse. Forward with a fast, smooth walk, she never jigs, she is sure footed, she will cross anything, load into anything, zero drama when riding with other horses, she is incredibly light on the rein, she has a strong work ethic, she is honest and has no time for nonsense. 

Over time she has gained more self confidence and trust, and after many miles on the trail she has learned to relax, lower her head and lift her back. I wish this had happened within our first year together, but it did not. It was my mistake to not know how to help her develop her body better. It was my potential to work with her that helped to make her the amazing trail horse that she is. I spent far too long fretting over the mistake and blind to our many accomplishments. I allowed much of this imbalance of perspective to be based on the loud unsolicited opinions of others.

Its wise to be aware of our mistakes, its even more important to look at our potential. Our potential is our answer to making less mistakes. Not all mistakes can be dismissed, there are often repercussions that linger, but when we give power to our potential, that possibility is forever. We tell the story of our life every day. Choose with intention which story you will tell, will it be the story of your mistakes, or the story of your potential?

The Invitation

Perhaps you have a story such as mine, one that tells of a mistake that cannot be undone with your horse, or someone or something else. Perhaps it is one that can be rectified. The invitation is to look at your mistake and your potential. Does your potential provide the solution? Does your potential provide answers to a new future? Are you allowing your mistakes to override your potential? Choose which story you will tell, will it be based on your mistakes, or on your potential? Its your story, you are the one to tell it.

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